A little thing for a little thing…
Recent logo and business card proposal for food photographer Elliott White based in Falmouth, Cornwall.
Recently one of my favourite YouTubers Mike Falzone asked me to design a logo for a little secret campaign that he is running, Zebadiah Zebra Pants. 
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And one more for luck… ‘Reunion’ an indie thriller starring The Fassbender and Jennifer Lawrence.

And another one just to start with… This one has two poster variations. The film is called Haru. Soundtrack link below.


So, I’m getting back to the blog, why not, it’s 2014. Over the last couple of years myself and my best friend have been coming up with fake films. We cast them and decide on the genre together then I will design the poster and my friend JP will create a soundtrack on Spoitify. I will be posting a few of these over the coming months. A fun project for me to really practice some photoshop work and poster competition. Here’s the first one… Spotify soundtrack link below…
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I recently entered one of the Re-Covered competitions on thefoxisblack.com.

I came back from the christmas break to find out that I was chosen as the winner! Thank you very much to Bobby Solomon at TFIB for picking me. You can read all about it here…

Online flyer for the band Escapists.
Photograph by Michael Gosbee.

Design of Spotify Home Takeover advert for Manic Street Preachers’ ‘National Treasures’ campaign. 


Beer label design for Brown’s Brew, a home brew Porter ale made in Portland, Oregon.

Promo posters for the monthly Knew Knowledge event in London.


Design and layout of 30x20s, quads, promotional items and a taxi superside for new artist Kreayshawn’s debut single, ‘Gucci Gucci’.


Design and layout of the debut album print campaign for Foster The People including 48 sheets, 30x20s, national publications, taxi supersides and promotional items.

Illustration by Japayork.


Canvas  by  andbamnan